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Dongdu Conceptual Development, Shanghai China

This mixed-use project is located in Shanghai, China, on an irregular site with significant setback restrictions.  The project consists of a boutique hotel, live/work apartments, office tower, retail venues both below ground and at ground level.

The inspiration and concept is a verdant, a natural canyon, which would ascend from the park to a grand-terraced-oasis surrounded by retail shops, exits from parking areas, and special outdoor facilities.

Along the high point on the site, there are several individual buildings organized in a cohesive cluster to reinforce there identity.  These will provide larger floor plates to allow sufficient space for large upscale firms such as advertising agencies and brokers to offer their employees both magnificent views and access to adjacent housing, amenities, recreational and natural features.


  • Site area: 25700 square meters

  • Proposed area above ground: 64000 square meters

  • Below ground: 35000 square meters

In collaboration with GLC Shanghai

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